Simple and low cost solution for the removal of unwanted contaminant from the inside surfaces of pipes, tubes and hoses.

The STAUFF Clean system comprises of a pneumatic launcher and a range of specially designed nozzles. The launcher uses standard industrial compressed air in pressure between 6 and 8 bar / 87 and 116 PSI to propel a foam projectile through the nozzle and into the hose, tube or pipe to be cleaned. This provides a safe and environmentally friendly tool that requires little formal expertise to operate and apply.

The launcher is the part of the system that controls the air supply to propel the projectile from start to finish of the cleaning job.

The nozzles are specially designed to affect an airtight seal on any pipe, tube or hose with or without end fittings. It main purpose is to compress the foam projectile allowing it to enter the internal diameter of the pipe, tube or hose to be cleaned.

The projectile is the part of the system that does the cleaning: The foam projectile is sized to be approximately 15 % larger than the internal diameter of the pipe, tube or hose to be cleaned. The compression of the projectile against the internal wall cleans the internal surface and expels any loose contaminants from the end of the pipe, tube or hose.

The STAUFF Clean System is available as separate components or in a variety of kit forms comprising various nozzle types, adaptor and launcher, all contained in a heavy duty carrying case.
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