Nordic Air Filtration

Nordic Air Filtration has been in the filter manufacturing industry since 1991, they are producing high quality filter cartridges for a wide range of industries. They supply replacement filters as well as filter cartridges for new filter houses, both as a supplier and a committed collaboration partner both within Industrial Air Filtration and Gas Turbines. Nordic Air Filtration has been a part of the Hengst Group since February 2016, and this merger only benefits the customers even further, they continuously develop the filters for increased efficiency and durability with the use of the Research & Development departments in Denmark and Germany. Remember that you can select a wide variety of filter medias plus components ensuring the best solution to your operating environment


Orhan Gazi Mah. Hadımköy Hoşdere Yolu
Mimsan San. Sit. 1719. Sok. 12B Blok No:7
Esenyurt - İstanbul - Türkiye
Tel: 0212 672 30 72
Fax: 0212 672 30 73
Gsm: 0535 892 42 28
Gsm: 0533 430 05 75

Aegean Region
Adalet Mah. Anadolu Cad. No:41/091
Megapol Tower
Bayraklı - İzmir - Turkey
Tel: +90 232 935 81 04
Fax: +90 232 935 81 04
Gsm: +90 545 343 90 79


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