STAUFF manufactures one of the most comprehensive ranges of replacement filter elements for hydraulic and lubrication applications which are compatible with most of the common competitor products.

The STAUFF Replacement Element Program includes replacement elements for over 10.000 part numbers covering almost every major international brands of filter elements. The majority of these are available from stock.

Continuous improvement of the materials used as well as strict quality controls which take into consideration international standards guarantee the consistently high performance data of the filter elements.

STAUFF impresses in particular with its:

▪ Innovative research, design and development
▪ Modern production lines with complete monitoring of production
▪ Certified work processes in accordance with: 
            - ISO 9001:2008 (Quality management), 
            - ISO 14001:2004 (Enviromental protection) 
            - OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational health and safety)
▪ Comprehensive stocks and quick delivery
▪ Customised products in accordance with customer drawings or on the basis of STAUFF designs
▪ Comprehensive worldwide network of wholly-owned subsidiaries and sales partners

The developement and manufacture of STAUFF Filter Elements are subject to strict testing in accordance with:

▪ ISO 2941 Collapse and burst resistance
▪ ISO 2942 Verification of fabrication integrity (bubble point test)
▪ ISO 2943 Compatibility with hydraulic media
▪ ISO 3723 End load test
▪ ISO 3724 Flow fatigue characteristics
▪ ISO 3968 Flow characteristics 
▪ ISO 16889 Filtration performance test (multi-pass method)

Interchanging STAUFF Filter Elements

As well as original filter elements for our own filter housings, STAUFF also provides access to a comprehensive range of replacement filter elements. They match the quality and can be installed in the products of the following manufacturers (selection):

MP Filtri
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