Industrial Filtration for the Paper Industry
The typical paper mill uses a vast amount of energy, water and wood pulp in a extremely complex series of processes, using modern and sophisticated controls technology to produce a sheet of paper - a process which generates an extensive amount of dust.

Nordic Air Filtration provides a variety of filter cartridges, pleated bags and flat cell panel filters suitable for the paper industry and the type of dust, it generates.

Industrial Filtration for the Woodworking Industry
Woodworking generates several types of wood dust including light and fine dust typically as a result of sanding, medium sized dust particles from jointers, routers, shapers, moulders and other similar machinery, and large dust particles that are more fibrous, typically from planers, lathes, band saws and other similar machines.

In addition, most types of wood dust are characterized by being flammable and explosive, thus requiring specific air filtration solutions.

Nordic Air Filtration supplies filter solutions for a variety of the dust stemming from woodworking:
  • Light and fine dust, typically as a result of sanding
  • Medium sized dust particles from jointers, routers, shapers, molders and other similar machinery
  • Large dust particles, that are more fibrous, from planers, lathes, band saws and other similar machines
  • Flammable and explosive wood dust. Our filtration solutions and filter media listed below, are suitable for flammable and explosive dust, which most wood dust is characterized by being.
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