The Pi 0101 through Pi 0126 breather filters have housings made of non-corrosive material.

The air intake is located in the upper section, this prevents surface dust to be drawn in from the tank top. The cover is designed to
prevent entry of splash-water. The disposable, pleated elements can be replaced in a matter of seconds.

The Pi 0140 through Pi 0185 breather filters have a housing made of galvanized sheet metal. The built-in o-ring provides accurate sealing at the tank connection. With the choice of Mic or Sm-L elements the CETOP RP 98 H requirements are fullfilled. These specify the same filtration degree for the breather filter as the system filter utilizes.

Mol-elements prevent oil mist from emerging the tank. The oil mist coagulate, forming drops within the pleated coalescer layer, which are returned to the tank.

Filters are fixed by threads, clamps or flanges.

Air breather filter Pi 0101 - 0185 are offering the following features;

Corrosion resistant
Compact design
Equipped with Mic, Sm-L and Mol elements
High dirt holding capacity
Versatile mounting option: screwed, clamped or flanged
Versatile combination possibilities
Wide range of accessories
Worldwide distribution

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