FILTRATION GROUP automatic metal-edge filters are suitable for all applications where low or high-viscosity liquids or pastes have to be filtered and homogenised.

These compact, inline filter systems can be designed for semi or fully automatic cleaning. The system is cleaned by rotating the filter cartridge against a spring actuated scraper. The AF 93 G version also has integrated preseparation.

  • Extended filter service life due to the use of a cleanable element
  • Cleaning is possible without interrupting filtration
  • Precise separation quality in accordance with the metal-edge principle
  • Sturdy filter cartridge made of triangular stainless steel wire on a rugged core element
  • Efficient filter cleaning assures maximum process stability
  • Solid construction and high-quality materials for a long service life
  • Modular system for optimum filter selection (small Vario series)
  • Modular MAHLE Vario system for optimum filter selection
  • Material variants open up a wide range of applications
  • Gas-tight shaft seals available optional
  • Application in Ex zone 1 and 2 optional
  • Easy maintenance
  • Worldwide distribution
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