FILTRATION GROUP automatic backflush filters are suitable for all applications where low-viscosity liquids have to be filtered.

These compact, inline filter systems are designed for automatic cleaning. The system is cleaned by rotating the element and backflushing with internal pressure media.

  • Extended filter service life due to the use of a cleanable element
  • Cleaning is possible without interrupting filtration
  • Precise separation quality in accordance with the surface filter principle
  • Top-quality, asymmetric filter medium made of multiple-sintered stainless steel fleece on a rugged core element
  • Efficient filter cleaning assures maximum process stability
  • Solid construction and high-quality materials for a long service life
  • Minimal liquid loss during cleaning
  • Filter cleaned one segment at a time with a high backflush pulse
  • Actual filter rating and nominal separation are indicated
  • Integrated preseparation thanks to tangential inflow and preseparator tube
  • Material variants open up a wide range of applications
  • FILTRATION GROUP modular Vario system for optimum filter selection
  • Gas-tight shaft seals available optional
  • Application in Ex zone 1 and 2 optional
  • Easy maintenance
  • Worldwide distribution
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