Stauff SRFL-S-D Series

Stauff SRFL-S-D Series
STAUFF Return Line Simplex Filters SRFL-S and Duplex Filters SRFL-D are designed for in-line hydraulic applications. With its compact construction and the easy to maintain assembly the SRFL-S and SRFL-D Filters are suitable for flow rates up to 7000 l/min / 1850 US GPM. The two housings of the Duplex Filter SRFL-D are connected with a special gate valve that is operated with a level or hand wheel. Therefore the filter may be serviced without shutting down the hydraulic system.

A high efficiency of contaminant removal is assured by using STAUFF RE series Replacement Filter Elements. The high dirt-hold capacity of STAUFF Elements ensures a long service life and, as a result, reduced maintenance costs.

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