ex.Mahle PIW 2075

ex.Mahle PIW 2075
The Coalescer filter has been specially designed to separate water from hydraulic fluids.

According to VDMA standard sheet 24568, the amount of water in HE pressure fluids has to be kept below 1000 ppm (0.1 %). HLP fluids should not contain any free water at all. Free water always causes turbidity which can be seen by the human eye. Physically, turbidity is a two-phase mixture (emulsion) in which small droplets of water are present in the pressure fluid. For this reason, it is advisable to carry out a mechanical separation of these water droplets; this technique is based on the coalescer - principle. The droplets are collected in various layers and brought together into larger units. The water drops thus formed are several milimetres in diameter.

After leaving the coalescer layer, the drops come in contact with a special hydrophobic fabric, where the separation from the pressure fluid takes place. The water is removed from the circuit by means of sedimentation. It is important that a certain differential pressure is not exceeded during the process. The viscosity also needs to be taken into account to ensure proper operation. The maximum viscosity for effective water separation is approx. 68 mm²/s. The coalescer works best if the pressure fluids contain a minimal amount of emulsifying additives. The bottom line: in systems that are frequently at risk for water ingression, expensive special oils can be replaced by simple, cost-.effective pressure fluids.


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