FILTRATION GROUP PiC 1500 Particle Monitor for continuous monitoring of the particle contamination of hydraulic fluids

Use as a mobile and stationary system for quick and simple determination of the cleanliness of fluids
Simple menu-prompted operation at the unit
Laser sensor for precise and reproducible results
Variable measurement mode (single and cyclic measurements) through internal programmable timer control, manual control or remote control via an electrical connection
Output of the cleanliness classes via the illuminated,
180° swivelling display
Evaluation to ISO 4406: 1999 and SAE AS 4059 E
Measurement range 4 μm(c), 6 μm(c), 14 μm(c), 21 μm(c)
Programmable alarm (exceeding or underrunning of the cleanliness classes) for control of external units
Internal operating hourmeter and measurement value memory with capacity for 3000 measurement cycles each with 6 measured values for trend tracking of historical measurement data
Includes "Count&Log 1500" measurement and evaluation software for evaluation and display of the measurement results on PC or notebook
Data polling and control of the PiC 1500 via RS232 or CANopen
Extensive accessories available
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